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Float – Authorized – Outstanding Shares – Oh My!

Let’s Trade Stocks Knowing How Many Are Actually Out There This post is in follow up to a comment on a previous post about Issued Shares.    In the comment Thierry wrote: thank you for your website , i like to learn more my question is : sometimes , looking at a stock in yahoo finance , i notice that they [...]

Stock Price Gap

Definition of a Gap A gap is a break between two prices of a stock.  This often occurs after a major news event, earnings announcement, or analyst upgrade/downgrade.  There will literally be a blank space in the chart where there was a price jump. A Gap By Any Other Name Would Be as Sweet Gaps go [...]

Issued Shares – The Hidden Dividend or Stealing Money

  Learn to Watch the Money in all its Forms Share Dilution Issued shares are the number of shares held by all the shareholders, regardless if they are individual investors, institutional shareholders, or insiders.  Often a corporation will issue more shares to raise capital.  Think about what this does to the worth of your shares.  [...]

DOW Up! Sell Now? Wait for More? The Market is Fun Again!

What to Do With Your New Found Wealth? Isn’t it funny that when the market is down everyone is so sad, but when it pops 11% in one day they are ecstatic.  Unless you were planning on retiring tomorrow the market is likely to gyrate some more, and I’m still upset that I didn’t get [...]