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First Insurance Suggestion – AIG

I hope everyone is happily stuffed from Thanksgiving so you’ll be to subdued to argue with me over today’s suggestion. I like AIG for a short term speculative play.  The Fed’s paid approximately $8 per share for their ownership in American International Group.  While I do know the Federal Government has no problem over paying [...]

Trading Software Stock

I was talking to a friend the other day and he told me “I don’t know why you pay attention to all those different investment concepts, trading software stock is where it’s at!”  I believe I understand the appeal in focusing on one sector.  One can become an expert, learn the patterns, and feel comfortable [...]

Sale on Shares!

Have you ever had your significant other tell you it’s not how much he/she spent it’s how much they save, save, save!  Well I’m not going to tell you that you can’t afford not to buy.  However, if a share goes on sale, and you happen to have some cash a share sale can be a [...]

Forex Pairs

In trading currencies you don’t just buy the yen.  You buy the yen with US dollars.  Or you sell the euro for US dollars.  Or maybe you sell the yen for euros.  This trading of one currency for another is the Forex pair you choose.  That’s why you never just see a chart for one [...]