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Markets Investing

You’ve probably heard the old adage that all boats rise with the tide.  Well this can often be true in the stock world and it’s well worth being aware of.  Sometimes you may have found the best valued stock in the world..say it’s a home builder.  This company runs it’s business well, does great customer [...]

DOW Stock Pick

My last stock pick of 2008 will be Dow Chemicals.  This is a pure and simple dividend play.  Honestly not much more into it than that.  The closing on Friday was $19.64 (though for the record I’ll count closing of the day posted) with a dividend yield of 8.69%. Sure we’ve all been pounded chasing [...]

Stock Market ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

A stock market ETF is are index funds or trusts that are listed on the stock exchange and can be traded just like any other stock.  They are setup by large investors who take blocks of the holdings investments and divides them into single shares.  These shares can be bought and sold intraday, bought on [...]

How Is Your Personal Finance Health?

Sometimes all of our personal finance’s health need a check-up.  While most of us wait to the end of the year for this it really should be on on going exercise. It’s good to play some “what if” games to get a good feel of how your finances would hold up and you should play [...]