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Stock market investment

Stock market is a fortune maker for many people and a fortune destroyer for others. I have seen many people making tons of money and other losing tons of money in the stock market. One of the main reasons that people lose money in the stock market is lack of study. Stock market is not [...]

History of Stock Market Performance

Often you’ll hear numbers thrown around by stock market advisors saying things like “the stock market performance has been 8% a year…” however, this hasn’t always been true, this is only been true for a given slice of stock market history.  It’s interesting to look at stock market performances over different periods of time. Stock [...]

NYSE Stock Market of Stock Markets

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has it’s early roots in moving the war debt of the Revolutionary War.  That’s right, we’re talking 1790.  The federal government refinanced it’s debt into bonds (a whopping $80 million, can we say Bill Gate’s dryer change?) which were publicly traded securities.  By 1792 two bank stocks were added [...]

Trading Stock Market – Ups and Downs

A trading stock market or a range bound market is when the price of the market (or individual stock) is trapped between two prices or a trend of prices.  This happens when there is lots of reasons for both the bears and the bulls to be right in their assumptions.  There a couple of fairly [...]