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How to Decide the Best Banks for You

There are many factors to consider when trying to figure out the best bank for you.  There is more to it then deciding by walking in the first bank in your neighborhood or just what the best bank Cd’s rate are or the best bank savings account are.  You first need to decide exactly what [...]

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

It is important to diversify your investment portfolio, especially since the market fluctuates from day to day. When you diversify you are creating a type of hedge against the chance that other investments may not do as well as others. This offsetting strategy will not prevent you from losing money in the long run, but [...]

I’m Interested in Oil Stock

As long as the majority of oil comes from outside of the country I believe oil stock is going to rise. One factor is we are definitely monetizing the debt in the US right now (don’t even deny it) and this will reduce the US dollar against other world currencies. If our money is worth [...]

Buying Stocks Today

We live in an era where buying stocks is as easy as ordering a pizza. However, just because it is such an easy thing to do, doesn’t mean that we should do it without any type of research. Researching your stocks before you buy them is the most critical part of stock selection. You should [...]