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Forex Trading Hours

The Forex trading market is open 24 hours a day.  Essentially one of the major centers is open at any time and you can trade on any of them.  New York is open from 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST.  Tokyo is open from 7:00PM to 4:00 AM EST.  London Forex trading hours is from 3:00AM to [...]

More Than A Debt Problem

I want to thank my Dad for stirring this conversation and showing me some great resources.  Thanks Dad! We have a debt problem in the United States.  It starts at the Federal level and filters down into most of our households.  Most accept that it is the way it must be.  We are a consumer [...]

Canadian Stocks

Since the federal government isn’t going to stop printing money anytime soon I’m fairly certain that the US dollar is going to keep falling.  One way to offset the falling dollar is to invest in companies in foreign countries.  That way you don’t only well from the companies doing well, but you get the currency [...]

Stock Trading Systems

 A stock trading system is simply a series of rules that you follow no matter what your emotions are screaming at you to do.  This type of stock market investing is not for the weak hearted, woozy stomached, or the gambler.   These mechanical investing programs became very popular in the 90s.  I prefer the online [...]