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Can I Stop Repossession?

When a financial hardship strikes, many people wonder whether they will be able to stop repossession from happening. Although it is not the primary concern for most people that are in debt, it can quickly become a reality if the individual does not come up with enough money to pay the bank what they owe. [...]

Reading The Details Of Your Fixed Annuity Contract

The importance of properly reading your fixed annuity contract cannot be understated. The nuances between companies, contracts, and products requires you to have an eye for detail. The subtle differences between one contract to the next can make the difference between thousands and thousands of dollars for you down the road. For this reason you [...]

Dividend Yield Definition and Ex Dividend Definition

We have to accept this fact that financial terms are not a part of our daily vocabulary, therefore learning their meaning is necessary before investing because paying the cost of misunderstanding  can be costly. This rule of thumb applies to all terms in finance, but this time we are going to talk about ex dividend [...]

Margin Call is Just Before Last Call

Margin, investor’s siren song, is often hard to resist.  The temptation of leverage to see huge returns, portfolios rocketing into the millions, it is the fantasy.  So what keeps us from throwing caution to the wind, trusting our instincts and research, and leveraging to our eyeballs for big wins?  The margin call.  When you buy [...]