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The Basics of Trading Currency

Understanding the basics of trading currency is the only way to do business with foreign money. It’s really that simple. It’s like joining a triathlon without knowing how to swim. Swim or sink – that’s business. If you want to discover how to trade Forex, then take these points to heart. You must understand the basics of [...]

Advice for Beginners on How to Trade Stocks

One of the best pieces of general advice I can give to beginners who want to learn how to trade stocks is to pay about $15 for any of the William J. O’Neil’s books on trading, particularly The Successful Investor, published in 2004 by McGraw-Hill. It would be money well spent from the trading stake. [...]

Is Short Selling Good or Bad for the Stock Market?

Betting on the stock market to go down is generally considered evil because you’re hoping for the average investor to lose money.  Some investor activist groups actually want to ban the use of short selling in the stock market to protect long term investments while traders and institutional investment houses use it as part of [...]

Investigations into High Frequency Trading

It is not surprising to hear that the Committee of European Securities Regulators (known as CESR) is now looking into the high frequency trading practices that are becoming more and more common as banks and trading firms with big budgets adopt new technology. CESR is the European counterpart to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) [...]