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How to Find the Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

Investing in the highest dividend paying stocks has its advantages and disadvantages. The high yields can provide a nice stream of income that can help supplement ones income. On the other hand, stocks with high yields tend to carry a much higher risk. Whether you are looking to capitalize on high yields or want to [...]

Examining High Return Investments

High Return Investments involve a higher risk factor. This becomes an important point to consider since the profits you make must justify the risk factor involved.  These risks could be market risk, government policy risk, credit risk or something else also. It is a good idea to consult a professional when you are considering high [...]

People Should Not Overlook The Risk In Stocks

The stock market is intimidating for someone who is thinking about buying stocks for the first time. There are so many terms that are confusing and you really need to learn a lot before you start buying stocks and investing your hard earned money. The stock market is a place where people have made millions. [...]

Using Triangle Patterns For Technical Analysis

The stock chart pattern is a form of buying as well as the selling rules in technical analysis stock trading. These patterns will provide the trader a significant confirmation of the next potential trend move that will occur. Patterns are one of the most accurate, but they are also an uncomplicated technical analysis tools. The [...]