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Picking Good Stocks to Invest in 2011

Investing is something that many people are doing, but many more people should get started in. Going into the second quarter of 2011, the stock market was still down off its high from a few years ago, and there is no reason to keep waiting to start investing when there are so many stocks that [...]

Three Primary Reasons Why Thousands Particpate in Commodity Day Trading

Many people dream of having a job that has flexible hours. Some people enjoy working at night. Some individuals prefer to work during early morning hours. Trading commodities gives everyone a chance to set their own hours. The market is open the entire day. One can make trades at anytime during the day. There are [...]

Learn More About Penny Stocks

It takes more than just capital to succeed in the penny stock business. Aside from money, it takes much learning and great skill in knowing which penny stocks to watch. In order to be able to do this, one must have both knowledge and attitude. Gaining as much knowledge as you can is crucial in [...]

A Crash Course on Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are very popular because of the fact that they cost little and they are easy to acquire. But, what are penny stocks exactly? Is there any money in them? Penny stocks were given that name because of the fact that they have little value from $5 and less. Penny stocks are also called [...]