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Penny Stock Investing and How to Get Started

Penny stocks got their name because of the fact that they cost little. They are low-priced stocks which are worth below $5. They are very speculative and they are also called micro caps or small caps. Only startup companies or small companies are found in the penny stocks section of a stock market. You will [...]

Penny Stock Day Trading How-to

Day trading is something which most people in the stock market engage in. It is different than the usual way of trading. Day trading is buying and selling stocks at the very same day. The investor is left with nothing at the end of the day. Every single stock has been disposed of and there [...]

Get Instant Cash with Structured Settlements

A structured settlement is a series of payments on installment basis being made to an injured party as part of a court award. Structured settlements are paid over time and the terms of these payments, which may spread out over twenty years, are decided by the court system. This usually happens when a person is [...]

Three Examples Of How To Play The Stock Market

The Wall Street image of a thousand slickly dressed traders with one hand in the air a phone at their ear with the other hand making notes is a far cry from how to play the stock market. The majority of people who earn their living on the stock exchange do so at home. There [...]