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Your Investing Strategy Right Now

It’s a crazy time right now in the stock market and everyone is talking about a possible correction.  There are two sides to every story and there are two sides to this one as well.  In any case, your investment strategies need to be ready for the inevitabilities of either situation.  It’s a good time [...]

Natural Gas Prices and Stock Valuations

The gas industry is really dependent on the prices of the commodity itself.  This is especially true for upstream companies that do the exploration, drilling and production of this fossil fuel.  That is why if you are investing in any natural gas ETF funds or individual stocks, you need to be watching the commodities market [...]

Small Cap Value Funds – Good Investing Strategies

Recent research is starting to show, based on historical data, which may be the best investments to go into.  One of those may be small cap funds with a focus on value.  I would see a trend going in this direction as the economy starts to recover and people are more inclined to risk assets [...]