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Stock Market for Dummies: Stock Market 101

If you are new to the stock market, you should definitely pursue information regarding stock market and stock trading for dummies. Information regarding stock market for dummies is readily available online in the form of articles. These articles will give you the basic information regarding the stock market and stocks trading. Actually, you don’t need [...]

Value Investing Tips

Warren Buffett is the king of investing and he is the one who has made value investing famous.  He has a knack for finding diamonds in the ruff companies who have inherent value that are undervalued by the market.  He is the one who has brought sensibility to the markets time and again.  And he [...]

Advantages of Small Caps

Small cap stocks are companies that have a market cap of less than $2 billion.  The market capitalization is calculated by taking the number of outstanding shares and multiplying by the current share price. There are some great advantages to small cap stocks.  First of all, these cap sized stocks have room to grow.  If [...]

A Quick Explanation Of Stock Options

Most investors, when they have a hunch that the price of a given stock is going to move up or down, will buy or sell short the company’s shares in an effort to benefit from the move that they anticipate. Call or put options allow investors to use leverage and attempt to make a greater [...]