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Stock Market Investing

One of the most unique opportunities our economy provides is the ability to make money through stock market investing. Of all the types of ways to make money, the stock market above all other types of strategies provides anyone with knowledge, experience and capital to leverage it into a fortune sitting in their own house [...]

No Load Mutual Funds Are Not Just For Grandpa

So what exactly is a load vs no load mutual fund?  A load fund is essentially a sales commission for the advisor or broker who found the mutual fund for you.  There are either charged front end (sales commission), back end (out of profits) or level loaded (a percentage of the purchase every year.)  The [...]

Buy Penny Stock Online

Penny stocks can be part of anybodies portfolio as well as any other stock, bond, or other financial instrument.  A penny stock is any stock under a price of $5.  These stocks can’t be short saled and are often traded on a different market because they don’t meet the minimum criteria of the major stock markets.  [...]

History of Stock Market Performance

Often you’ll hear numbers thrown around by stock market advisors saying things like “the stock market performance has been 8% a year…” however, this hasn’t always been true, this is only been true for a given slice of stock market history.  It’s interesting to look at stock market performances over different periods of time.
Stock Market [...]