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The Use of Charts in StockMarket Trading

For people who trade in the stock market, stock charts play a useful role as an aid to decision making for such things as when to enter or exit a stock trade. Trading, as opposed to investing, usually involves a short term approach that looks mainly for the price appreciation of a given stock position, [...]

Using Triangle Patterns For Technical Analysis

The stock chart pattern is a form of buying as well as the selling rules in technical analysis stock trading. These patterns will provide the trader a significant confirmation of the next potential trend move that will occur. Patterns are one of the most accurate, but they are also an uncomplicated technical analysis tools. The [...]

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

It is important to diversify your investment portfolio, especially since the market fluctuates from day to day. When you diversify you are creating a type of hedge against the chance that other investments may not do as well as others. This offsetting strategy will not prevent you from losing money in the long run, but [...]

Trading Stock Market – Ups and Downs

A trading stock market or a range bound market is when the price of the market (or individual stock) is trapped between two prices or a trend of prices.  This happens when there is lots of reasons for both the bears and the bulls to be right in their assumptions.  There a couple of fairly [...]